Colourful Swear Words

Colourful Swear Words


Colourful Swear Words : Entertaining insults in an adult coloring book – HERE
Ella Cotton

Need to blow off steam? Stressed by your boss, a colleague or the daily commute?
Looking for a gift for a friend who appreciates humorous insults?
(or one who doesn’t!)

Then Ella Cottons ‘Swear Words’ could be the book for you.
Each beautifully designed illustration has its own typographical insult.

This is extreme mindfulness!

Insults found inside the book include:

  • W*nkpuffin ● C*ckwomble ● W*nker ● Bullsh*tter ● Kn*b Goblin

And many more!

The wonderful insults and their illuminating descriptions will leave you relaxed and amused.


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